NewBe is an Emmy award winning, millennial and gen-z focussed Film and TV production company based in Amsterdam and Antwerp.

Among other titles, NewBe is known for the Heartbreak High Reboot (Netflix), the Misfit film franchise (Netflix and cinemas), documentary series Gewoon Boef (Videoland), Rico Verhoeven: Dream Big (Amazon Prime Video), Meskina (Netflix worldwide), Selma Omari: Op Mijn Manier (BNNVARA) and for developing SingleTown (ITV2, HBOMax and Discovery+).

In case you have a lot of time or exceptional interest in NewBe, read more on how we work below:

Digital natives

NewBe develops and produces films, series, documentaries and formats aimed at digital natives: those younger demographics that have left traditional viewing behind and mostly consume digitally and on demand. They range from kids, teens, and young adults, up to the millennial generation (6-46 years).

Impact & Innovation

Storytelling is key. We try to reach and move audiences with important stories and relevant themes. Making an impact and staying innovative is our main goal. From when we first started in 2011, we’ve always embraced new forms of viewing, platforms, and talents. Diversity and inclusivity are also of paramount importance to us, both in development, as well as in casting and selecting the crew behind the cameras.

Talent First 

We embrace a talent-first strategy: we believe in the strength and uniqueness of talent in the broadest sense, often coming from unexpected sources. Whether the talent is a writer, director, journalist, or (online) creator, we see investing in them as the key to success. Making sure they maintain ownership of the idea, we’re able to develop it into something special together. We’ve come to learn that this approach delivers the most talked-about, original and authentic content.


In accordance with our digital DNA and the new ways of creating digital entertainment, marketing plays a major role in what we make. At an early stage of the creative process, we think about how our productions should be launched to successfully bring them to the attention of our target groups. Often leading to award-winning campaigns.


NewBe is independent, which guarantees a fast-paced workflow and a high degree of freedom. We’ve been included three times in the top 100 fastest growing companies in the Netherlands by the Dutch Financial Times (FD Gazellen).